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Truck Accident Lawyer NJ

On your way home from the shore weekend, road conditions begin deteriorating with heavy rain, and traffic slows as visibility drops to just a few feet. When you see the truck jack-knife, you try avoiding the accident but the tires do not grip due to the excessive water, and the accident puts you in the hospital. Your car fares much worse and the totaled wreck sits waiting in the impound yard.

Trucking accidents do not work themselves out

The police come to your room wanting to take an accident report. An accident lawyer, the last thing you want to bother with now, calls you despite being prohibited by ethics rules, and begins talking about your rights as an injured truck accident victim. You need to listen because these things do not "just work themselves out."

Call your own attorney

You need to choose an experienced truck accident lawyer in NJ to protect your rights regarding compensation for your: pain and suffering; medical bills; vehicle damages and other financial losses like time lost from work.

Do not feel unprotected by laws

Getting a truck accident lawyer in NJ to work on your case as soon as possible benefits you greatly because the chances of regaining your full losses diminish with each day. Trucking companies and independent truck drivers try slowing the process and, by federal law, can destroy accident reports after six-months.

Digging through the paperwork

Your attorney will start by finding records such as driver logs. Deceptive measures taken by trucking companies make it difficult to find all the records a trucking company possesses.

The Department of Transportation issues a number to every truck registered in the United States. The number's registered owner becomes the first person responsible for the truck and the accident.

Your New Jersey truck accident attorney will work for you

Protecting your claim by hiring a truck crash lawyer from a New Jersey personal injury law office will give you time to heal without having to stress about dealing with the accident. Trucking accident insurance laws are very complex, and you need excellent representation While you recover from the accident, let one of our experienced attorneys start working on your case.