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We are in the midst of a heat wave in New Jersey, but in a couple months the change of season will be in the air, and the days will finally be gradually starting to cool down again, signaling the arrival of fall. However, within a few months' time winter will arrive with the first rains and traffic accidents along with them. Trucking is not immune to the effects of winter on road safety; in fact, the drivers and their equipment are even more vulnerable than regular passenger cars for a variety of reasons. As a result, regular drivers have to watch out even more during winter conditions when a truck is nearby on the road or the highway. A tractor trailer accident lawyer NJ is your most important asset if you are injured in a truck crash.

The Weather Risk to Drivers near Trucks

The northeastern area of the U.S. is particularly prone to changing cold conditions from week to week during winter. This includes black ice on roads, sleet and snow. Even with sun out on a clear day, the temperature outside may not get above the upper 20s, still well below the freezing point for water. That means plenty of sliding spots hidden in shady areas on routes that trucks take, especially turns. Many drivers, both commercial and private, try to be safe on the road, but when people are in a hurry mistakes get made. That's when accidents happen, and with a full load a truck can do a lot of damage to other drivers in the immediate area. The worst part about these cases, in many instances, is that the risk is avoidable.

The Statistics Prove the Risk

Of the 6.5 million vehicle accidents that occur annually, almost one out of every four is weather-related, according to US Department of Transportation. This includes accidents due to rain, sleet, snow and fog, all of which regularly occur in wintertime. These conditions can kill up to 7,600 people and injure as many as 719,000 annually. Furthermore, of the accidents that do occur due to weather, 77 percent are due to wet road conditions.

Add in the elements of driver fatigue that truck drivers often suffer from due to punishing commercial deadlines of deliver, and the mixture of heavy vehicles, icy conditions, and exhaustion take a toll. People get killed and injured by runaway trucks, and property damage can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars in one accident.

Given all the above, driving with a proactive attention to safety can help avoid potential trucking risks on the road. If you see a commercial rig in your rear-view mirror or one coming up in front of you, give it a lot of wide berth, especially during winter conditions. The distance can literally save your life and give you room to avoid a catastrophe that easily takes out other cars and drivers.

If you are someone close to you has been hurt or killed in a truck accident recently, and you have not done so already, talking about the matter with an experienced tractor trailer accident lawyer in NJ is critical. While grief is understandably powerful, the law only allows a short amount of time for people to seek any kind of remedy for their loss. With a law firm that is trained to take immediate action on a case and reviewing the facts, many times recoveries can still be made when aggressively pursuing liability and related compensation for those hurt by a tractor trailer accident.