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With the summer party season well under way, many homeowners entertain family and friends at their home or shore house. However, many hosts and hostesses may be placing themselves at risk of a number of liability issues if a guest gets injured in their home.

It is crucial that all homeowners ensure that they have adequate liability cover in place to ensure that they are financially covered in the event of an unforeseen injury taking place on their property. Homeowners need to know that they have liability cover with their homeowner's insurance when they plan on hosting a summer party. A personal injury lawyer in NJ should be retained if anyone is injured in an accident.

How to Avoid Unforeseen Incidents at Home

With so many tasks to do, many homeowners tend to outsource as many services as they can. Entertainment, catering, waiting, cleaning or other service can be done by an external company. It is critical to ensure the supplier is licensed and insured. It is always best to use a service provider that has the required workers compensation insurance that covers their staff before, during and after the event.

Protecting yourself with signed contract, which clearly describes the services to be provided by the vendor, is a sound decision. A very large or complex event might even necessitate the advice of an attorney to assist in the negotiation process when the contract is drawn up, as well as specialist liability events insurance.

Slip and Falls

Many at-home injuries arise from slips or falls. Guests may fall on stairs or polished floors. This type or injury is one of the leading causes of liability claims arising from events hosted at a house or residential property. Homeowners need to clear the walkway, high-traffic area or staircase of any obstacles, ice or debris that could result in someone becoming injured.

Before the party, it is a good idea to place a rug or another type of temporary non-slip covering over a polished floor in order to create traction and to also put up signage at the top and bottom of all staircases alerting guests to mind their step. Also, make sure that good lighting is always available in high-traffic areas and staircases.

Traffic Accidents

Organized parking mitigates the chance of collisions occurring on the property and assists in the prevention of traffic violations due to the congestion of roads. An effective parking plan must be made well in advance to ensure compliance with local zoning restrictions. Hiring parking attendants for very large events will avoid the stresses of managing the process. It is important that adequate lighting is provided in the driveway and parking areas to ensure the safety of guests and vendors.

Safe Entertainment

Summer party entertainment can range from dancing, marquee tents, inflatable children's play structures, water slides or equipment such as fireworks and paintball guns. It is critical that all safety precautions are followed and children are supervised to minimize risk of injuries.

Before hiring entertainment equipment, homeowners must always consider the ages of participants in order to take necessary precautions. Make sure that all the appropriate safety equipment is available. For homeowners with large properties where all areas are not easily seen, it is essential to store all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) such as quad bikes, in a locked facility as these can often result in injury.

Host liability in Intoxicated Guest Injuries

This summer party season, homeowners will most likely be serving alcohol at their parties. It is vital that homeowners are aware of the fact that should a guest become injured as a result of another guest's intoxication, the injured person may file a lawsuit against the host. Homeowners must follow the law at and never serve alcohol to minors.

In addition, homeowners also have the right not to serve alcohol to any guest who has already had too much to drink or intends on driving home. It is best to hire a barman who can assist in monitoring drinking behaviors. Ensure good lighting in food-and-beverage serving locations so that guests can be easily observed for over-intoxication.